We bring on our tables the typical Friulian dishes, children of the old recipes handed down for generations and prepared for you with products of this land, where tradition and passion combine in unique flavors that will satiate your every appetite. Everything will be accompanied by wines produced on the farm, we have selected and recommended to exalt every dish.

The menu


meat platters of our production, prosciutto crudo (raw ham), bacon, salami, costa (ribs), soppressa (type of salami), cheeses of different aging and soft polenta (cornmeal mush).

First course

crespelle (pancakes) with herbs, gnocchi with (ragu’, smoked ricotta cheese, butter and sage),
soup with barley and beans, seasonal risotto(rice based dish)
or orzotto (barley based dish)

Main course

Frico with potatoes (typical dish, which consists of a wafer of shredded cheese and potatoes),
omelettes with vegetables, salami with vinegar and onion, cotechino (pork sausage) and brovada (white turnip machined in marc),
baked roast pork,
stewed rabbit,
stewed duck,
cold porchetta (savoury, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast) with salad and balsamic vinegar

Side dish

Seasonal fresh vegetables,
roast potatoes

Homemade sweets

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Ronchi Di Sant’Egidio

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