Let yourself go to the tradition.

In the heart of the eastern hills of Friuli, in a perfect symbiosis of nature and tradition, there is an old farmhouse from 1100, a reference point for people who love excitement and flavors of this land.

The unique combination of eocene soil and favorable microclimate, gave life to wines of the highest quality, perfect companions for relaxing moments, away from stress and bustle of the city.

Visit the winery

While you’ll be surrounded by a natural amphitheater of scents and colors, the farmhouse adjacent to the company will offer you the most tasty regional specialties putting at your disposal various bedrooms to pamper yourself during the night.

Our cuisine

The perfect place for a stay that tickle your every sense and will make you feel at home.

Take a look at the rooms

The hospice of St. Egidio, now part of our business, was founded in 1100 by the monks of the nearby Abbey of Rosazzo and for almost two centuries was intended at the care for poor and lepers. It was precisely the monks to teach a few locals to take care of the soil and cultivate the first vineyards. Thus began the history of this land, mother of our wines and our tradition.

Our roots

To complete your stay, the facility offers rental of electric bicycles. Riding a Bebikerent assisted pedaling bike you will be able to enjoy, with maximum comfort and safety, all the beauty offered by the surrounding area.